Working with BH&A

When you work with BH&A, you’re working with someone who translates your  commitment to growth and action into real results.  Someone who collaborates fully with you to help you win. Someone who makes you feel comfortable, confident, and successfull.

Beverley Howell & Associates has a depth of experience which: 

  • helps you set up clearly defined fundraising goals and objectives. 
  • collects data, facts and figures and interprets precisely the results of the program
  • gives you a thorough evaluation of your organization's efforts 
  • develops a series of conclusions and recommendations, carefully tailored to the particular needs of your organization and provides guidance on the increasingly complicated and inter-related issues facing fund-raising today 
BH&A helps you revise and focuse your goals and objectives to develop an ambitious fundraising plan. Coupled with that is a continuous evaluation process to monitor each stage of your program and fine-tune it  constantly. The responsibilities of staff, volunteers and your consultant are clearly defined. BH&A keeps you focused on getting things done,  acting as partner/teacher/facilitator. 

If you are looking for ways to initiate or improve a fundraising program, give us a call at (416) 691-9109 or fill out our online survey form with your organization's information and what you would like BH&A to do for you.  From choosing among fundraising  priorities to developing strategy to optimize your results, from evaluating past projects to improving future ones, a brief conversation is all it takes to determine how we can assist you.