Fundraiser's Phrase Book

Imagine, right at your fingertips--thousands of positive, action-oriented phrases designed solely for the nonprofit professional. Tested, proven phrases which have ALREADY RAISED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS SUCCESSFULLY!

Use them as building blocks for your fundraising packages, boost results, get donor dollars rolling in where they're needed most. 

Find hundreds of ways to ask for help, support, donations, gifts, contributions,  assistance, aid, sponsorship, MONEY, members, volunteers, etc. 

Discover all the "trigger" words that sent donors running for their cheque books. 

Choose from columns of creative, donor-friendly salutations and signatures as well as clever envelope teasers and urgings your lapsed donors and members can't resist. 

Work with dozens of ways to word your reply device, name exchange and package duplication issues. 

Communicate in a warm, one-to-one manner. Give that one-of-the-family feeling as you get your message across with powerful emotional impact.


Use dynamic phrases from the FUNDRAISER'S PHRASE BOOK to construct: 

  • Terrific public relations, marketing, and promotional campaigns
  • Impressive business letters
  • Crisp, clear reports
  • Dynamite speeches
  • Gripping presentations
  • Convincing proposals
  • Persuasive grant applications
  • Friendly newsletters
  • Anything else you need to write 


Standard Edition: 301 pages. This multi-use handbook is well in its way to becoming a "must" on every fundraiser's desk, helping out every day.  Grassroots and start-up groups add punch to your fundraising material and save on the cost of consultants. Organizations of every size and all those who service the not-for-profit field can boost results with this unique resource at hand. A SELLOUT at the National Society of Fund Raising Executives (NSFRE) conference in Dallas! 

Deluxe Edition:524 pages. Greatly expanded all round with large additional  sections on today's hottest topics: the Internet, Telephone Campaigns and Gaming. Consultants, large organizations and those with wide-ranging, multiple needs get even more work done with such a versatile tool at your fingertips. Pays for itself the first time it saves an hour of your valuable time.

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